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With the deepening development of the global art market, the traditional auction business can no longer meet the diverse needs of customers, and it is urgent for new types of business to directly interface with the huge primary market. Therefore, in order to comply with the future trends of the global art market and the auction industry, the international art space was formally established , and the first private transaction mode of private purchase was opened in the domestic auction industry. Strive to tailor more personalized and targeted high-quality services for customers. After the establishment of the art space, through flexible and diverse business operations and accurate, professional and efficient services, we will fully build a high-end platform for communication, connectivity, integration of the art world, the collector community and the general public. We will strive to become the backbone of the future development of the Chinese art market.
Principal Business: Private Bargain Sponsorship Promotion of Art Products and Charitable Auction Art Asset Management Art Exhibition Publication
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