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Dapai International Business Cooperation Process


Dapai International Business Cooperation Process
The company's international auction and private entrusted transactions, relying on a strong team of experts, as well as the company's strong sales force, and a large number of customer resources, combined with domestic and foreign markets, to create a diversified high-quality strength company.
First of all, the company will appraise the collections free of charge and give them reference value to discuss cooperation matters.
(2) Sign cooperation agreements, specify relevant information of collections, and invest in cooperation funds, take photos of collections, upload websites, do a good job of promotion and publicity, and keep collections by customers themselves.
(3) Customers'collections are promoted through official websites or related network platforms, as well as auctions and entrusted private transactions at home and abroad.
(4) After signing the cooperation agreement, the relevant fees for auction and entrusted private transactions should be handled. If the collection trading company charges 5% Commission and 3% tax, the private transactions can be exempted from tax.
[Special attention] Customers can also purchase the company's celebrity calligraphy and paintings, become members of the company, participate in free domestic and foreign auctions and private transactions, collectors to settle transactions, one-handed money, one-handed goods, face-to-face settlement. (Take good bank cards and ID cards)
(5) Special reminder, before you come to the company, you can make an appointment to inform you of the itinerary, the company makes relevant reception arrangements to facilitate customers to complete the procedures on the same day, you can return on the same day.
International partners, Hong Kong auctions, Singapore auctions, Taiwan auctions, Japanese auctions, British auctions, Dubai auctions, American auctions and overseas auctions are gathering. Collectors are welcome to participate actively and create a better tomorrow.
Thank You for Your Cooperation! Everything goes well!