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How to distinguish between the thief and the light?


How to distinguish between the thief and the light?
"Baoguang" is from the inside and outside the like jade like the warm, the inside of the eyes, the eye; And "thief light", is the surface, public, dazzling floating light... For has not yet started, or at the door of ancient ceramics collection of antique collection lovers, or don't understand the antique appraisal, the paper still let them scratching their heads. Let's get to know ya.
Indeed, it is important to master the new and old distinctions of glaze, and the difference between them is the most difficult gap for the counterfeiters to overcome. I think, to really understand the difference between "thief" and "bao guang", the only right way is to look more pure, sharp, thin true thing, at the same time also want to see some new replicas, a detailed comparison between the two, see more, nature left a impression has been etched deeply in your mind: what luster will be old, no doubt, which light must be new replicas. Glazed radiant with sheen, of course, can only show the implements of the old and new, as to be sure and burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their, also combined with grain, shape and ring foot and body many elements, such as comprehensive consideration, can accurate conclusions.
In fact, the most easily objectionable, is some fine, sharp, thin like new official kilns, these articles of the "baoguang" often will be denied by inexperienced people. I have come into contact with a few people with unique eyes, such as liu xinyuan, who can almost break the dynasty in the first place, and can hardly make mistakes. Like Dr Stacey pierson, standing outside the glass, and can identify the new and old and vintage, visible light "thief" and "bao guang" has obvious difference in their eyes, if must let them tell the reason, I'm afraid can only as I described the beginning of this article is to describe. The same is true for different people, depending on their culture, knowledge and ability to understand.
That is red and cultural analysis of the small make up for you "how a thief in the difference between ceramic light and bao guang" content, want to learn more antique appraisal of cultural relics, antiques trading information, please pay close attention to day thestrals trading company of cultural relics.