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Big beat(Beijing) International Auction Company Introduction

Dapai (Beijing) International Auction Co., Ltd. is a formal international auction enterprise approved by Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau and China Auction Association. It is a comprehensive professional company engaged in comprehensive artwork appraisal transaction and Dapai (Beijing) International Auction Company. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel who are good at the operation and management of the industry. There are appraisal and auction product appraisal institutions composed of senior appraisal experts Zhai Jianmin, ye Peilan, Shan Guoqiang, Cai Guosheng, Qiu Xiaojun, Jin Yunchang, Gu Fang, Li Yanjun, Zhang Rulan, Fu Baoshi, Zhang Guangwen, Jin Shen, Jia Wenzhong and Ma modu. Dapai International aims to enhance the status and influence of Chinese artworks in the world through art auction activities, promote the culture of the Chinese nation, and provide a high-level and high-quality cultural exchange space for collectors and groups at home and abroad.
Dapai (Beijing) International Auction Co., Ltd. holds high-end art fair regularly every year. The auction mainly involves Oriental painting and calligraphy and porcelain. It is compatible with other miscellaneous items such as jade, jewelry, bronze stove, Buddha statue and treasures, and complements each other. It gradually forms a unique one-stop service of transaction and auction.
Dapai (Beijing) International Auction Co., Ltd. upholds the principle of "managing according to law and putting credit first", makes contributions to the development of cultural industry with its strong talent advantages, rigorous attitude of auditing, exquisite collections and unblocked customer network.
The company's philosophy is: to win reputation by service quality, to create benefits by service reputation, and to contribute to society by service efficiency.
The company's goal is to strive to build the company into a world-class cultural brand enterprise.
The company has a perfect corporate governance structure. According to the requirements of modern enterprise system construction, the company establishes and improves the corporate governance structure at the organizational level, and establishes their respective management functions. And strict internal management system, in order to improve the quality of service as the core, the industry took the lead in formulating a complete internal quality control system. In order to ensure the quality of art and maximize the interests of clients, promote the development of enterprises and win the market, collectors and enthusiasts are welcome to participate actively, create a better tomorrow and strive for the realization of the Chinese Dream.