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Zhai jianmin 16 years old debut, starting from the apprentice, step by step to establish the [yongbao zhai] this gold signboard. Zhai has two important figures in his art career: his master, ying-ho Wong, and his wife, Priscilla Lau. When master huang took him into the profession, he was only 16 years old. The following year (1974), his father passed away. Madam liu huifang, born in a Hong Kong art family, is not only a virtuous wife, but also a business partner. Having studied in France, she is very helpful for [yongbao zhai] to develop business in Europe and America.

Qiu xiaojun, a famous expert on ceramic appraisal, has been engaged in ceramic appraisal work for more than 30 years. Currently, he lives in Hong Kong and New York. Mr. Qiu xiaojun is the director and ceramic consultant of the famous collectors association, his profound knowledge, high level of appraisal and research ability, and his good reputation in the foreign industry have been recognized and affirmed by people from all walks of life.

Ye peilan, female, originally from jinhua, zhejiang province, was born in Beijing in 1937. From 1956 to 1998, she worked as a research librarian in the museum, mainly engaged in the arrangement, storage and identification of ceramics. He is currently a member of the society accreditation committee.

Born in 1943, li zongyang was a member of the appraisal committee, a researcher, a visiting professor of history at Peking University, a visiting professor at tai 'an training center, and an expert in porcelain and miscellaneous appraisal.
Sun huiyuan, zhao jiazhang, geng baochang and other famous experts have mastered a set of scientific, accurate and practical methods for ceramic identification. Li zongyang was able to independently complete the identification of the ages, kilns, authenticity and the evaluation of their historical, artistic and economic values. Published academic papers and articles in collectors, Forbidden City and overseas edition of People's Daily; In the TV station "jianbao" column as a guest expert for the collection lovers appraisal collection, elaborates the train of thought, appraises the true and distinguishes the false, evaluates the true chapter. He wrote the book "ceramic identification" has been used as a national textbook, and was once used as a reference book by the professionals concerned.