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Jia wenzhong, styled wenzhong and known as tongzhai, was born in Beijing in 1961. University culture, Peking University archaeology department "archaeology and museum science" graduate class graduation. He is currently a member of the jiusan society, a researcher at the China agricultural museum, and a visiting professor at Peking University, tsinghua university, minzu university and nanjing university. Director of the artists association of state organs and the calligraphers association of state organs. One hundred experts and scholars with outstanding academic achievements and innovative spirit. Jin shi experts, expert identification, full extension heritage, calligraphy and seal engraver.


CAI guosheng, male, born in 1941 in dinghai, zhejiang province. Member of Chinese calligrapher's association, Shanghai shuxie governing, wenbo researcher, cultural market development center, deputy director of the art assessment committee member, the Chinese folk collection appraisal committee, the private collection of books editor, deputy director of the Shanghai television station "good luck heirloom" invited experts, China Xia Yu culture net (five thousand culture museum of art), invited experts, henan TV station "the door to China and invited experts, works of art created in identification of advisers, TV" treasure hunt "invited experts, television" artifact hidden pat "invited experts, the prosecution of the magazine the spectator column experts, Shanghai collection club consultant and expert group members. He is also the consultant and distinguished professor of Peking University resource college, east China normal university, Shanghai normal university and many other universities. Antique appraisal and calligraphy seal cutting than forty, zhong ding, right amount, COINS, stone tablet archaeology in a furnace, involving the essence of ancient and modern famous artists, diligence, perseverance, grinds only one instance into their own style, calligraphy for many times in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and in the contemporary Chinese calligraphy set, selection of contemporary calligraphy. Identification of professional articles, works at home and abroad in the press, magazines are often published. Since the 1990s, he has produced and published nearly 20 excellent professional works, as well as three sets of video CDS about the collection of special lectures, which is rare in the field of identification, and he is also praised as a "high-yield expert".

Zhang rulan graduated from a professional school in 1963 and has been engaged in identification work for nearly 40 years. He used to be the business section chief of Beijing appraisal company for many years and was responsible for the acquisition, sales, management and appraisal of the company. He has been waiting for hundreds of thousands of pieces in his collection all over the country, among which thousands of pieces are precious. Some of them have been put into the collection of museums, and he has undertaken the work of exhibition exhibits identification and display, text description, etc. He has been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Britain, Austria and other academic discussions and identification activities.

Yang baojie, member of the museum appraisal committee, invited expert of bobao jianbao net, gold expert of Beijing shiqu yaji appraisal center; Engaged in work for more than 20 years. He has successively participated in the compilation of ancient seals in the museum collection of the capital, selected Tibetan seals in the museum collection of the capital, the beauty of jadeware and selected inkstones in the museum collection of the capital. Engaged in the capital museum collection work.

Jin shen, a native of Beijing, is a member of the hui ethnic group. He is a famous expert on the identification of Chinese buddhist statues, a master of Chinese traditional culture and a master of zen painting. He spent five years in Japan studying buddhist archaeology. After returning to China, he has taught training courses and domestic and overseas universities for many years. Identifying Buddha statues for museums; He has written extensively on buddhist culture, archaeology and identification, and has made remarkable achievements in spreading the traditional culture of zen calligraphy and painting. Jin shen studied painting since childhood and was proficient in literature and history. Famous expert, master of Chinese culture, master of zen painting, historian of literature. I have been engaged in the study of buddhist culture for a long time and have a deep understanding of the profound cultural connotation.
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