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Cuba, male, born in 1962 in Beijing, in 1989, graduated from the academy of social sciences graduate school after graduation, engaged in the research of jade in the academy of social sciences, monograph has a "pure", "the beauty of the ancient jade", "ChengShiYu embellish", "gu fang roles of jade", "jade age", "everlasting warm", "Shanghai jade carving masters boutique set", etc.

CAI guosheng, male, born in 1941 in dinghai, zhejiang province. Calligrapher's members, shuxie governing, wenbo, a researcher at the ministry of culture cultural market development center, deputy director of the art assessment committee member, private collection appraisal committee, deputy director of the editor in chief of the private collection of books, television "good luck heirloom" invited experts, Xia Yu culture net (five thousand culture museum of art), invited experts, henan TV station "the door to China and invited experts, art network identification advisers, television" treasure hunt "invited experts, tianjin TV station" artifact hidden pat "invited experts, the prosecution of the magazine the spectator column experts, Shanghai collection club consultant and expert group members. He is also the consultant and distinguished professor of Peking University resource college, east China normal university, Shanghai normal university and many other universities. Engaged in calligraphy and seal cutting for more than 40 years, rongzhong ding, weight, COINS, stone tablets in one fire, related to the essence of ancient and modern masters, studious study, perseverance, by analogy into their own style, appraisal professional articles, works in domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines are often published. Since the 1990s, he has successively created and published nearly 20 excellent professional works, as well as three sets of video CDS about the collection of special lectures. He is also praised as a "high-yield expert".

Zhang has been engaged in art appraisal for nearly 40 years. There are hundreds of thousands of works of art waiting around the country, among which there are thousands of precious works of art, some of which have been put into storage in museums.

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